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The Top 5 Best Sports Apps

August 24, 2016
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The Best Sports Apps

With football season upon us, make sure you have your own game plan in order to keeping on top of the scores, statistics, and developments. Take a look at some of our top apps for sports updates, and you’ll be ready for a winning performance this season.

Football Updates

NFL Sports Mobile AppNFL Mobile App
Hey, if it’s NFL teams and players you’re interested in, why not go to the source? The National Football League’s free mobile app is packed with cool features like breaking news, top stories, and league stats. It’s also a great way to stay-up-to-date during the offseason.

ESPN Mobile AppESPN Fantasy Football App
(Android and iOS)
What makes the ESPN Fantasy Football app amazing is the sheer amount of stuff it offers, all absolutely free. Create fantasy teams and leagues, customize your fantasy team logo, practice your skills in a mock draft, get the live feed of all NFL games thanks to FantasyCast, and receive important news and updates from the most trusted source in sports.

All Sports

CBS Sports AppCBS Sports
Stay on top of developments in the NFL—as well as all other major sports—with the latest updates, scores, stats, tweets and push notifications on your favorite teams with the free CBS Sports app. And if you love radio, the CBS Sports app lets you live-stream sports radio 24/7, enabling you to listen in with sports gurus like Jim Rome, John Feinstein, and Doug Gottlieb.

Bleacher Report Mobile AppTeam Stream by Bleacher Report
Boasting the fastest notifications of any sports app and offering news, scores, and stats updates across all major league sports, Bleacher Report’s Team Stream app also offers curated info from your favorite newspapers, websites, blogs, and Twitter accounts. And it’s free.

Yahoo Sports AppYahoo Sports
Yahoo recently rebranded and relaunched its Sportacular family of sports-related mobile apps into the new Yahoo Sports app. With up-top-the-second updates on scores and developments, the free app also offers player statistics at the granular level. You can also customize your Yahoo Sports notifications to alert you to game schedules and nailbiter situations.

One last thing: Asurion would love to help you set these and any other apps on your smartphone or tablet. Our service providers will take care of everything—all you have to do is ask! Asurion’s Soluto® service makes sure that with one click, you receive the tech answers or tips you need, to do all the things you want to do with your devices.

Visit to learn more about how we can assist you in getting the most out of your technology during the sports season.

Note: Asurion protection plan members may upgrade their coverage to access Soluto benefits. Features vary by carrier. Check with your provider to see what is included.

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10 Breakthrough Hi-Tech Gadgets Available for Pre-Order

August 22, 2016
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2016 Hottest Tech Pre-Orders

Are you a tech-savvy person? That’s a bit of a loaded question since it seems as soon as the latest advancement is announced, a new one has already started. But here’s your chance to get a jump on things with our top 10 recommendations for upcoming high-tech gadgets, available for pre-order:


#1: Sort of an interactive, digital sticky note, SeeNote has a compact, front-lit ePaper display to keep users up-to-date on traffic and weather, provide access to smart-home features and offer reminders of appointments or chores. Download the app with your purchase of SeeNote ($ 99) to guide you through the process out of the box. SeeNote is scheduled to ship in spring of 2017.


#2: Say goodbye to the selfie stick and say hello to Lily, the super portable drone-camera that can fly all by itself for up to 20 minutes, shoot high-definition video and still photos the entire time. Lily is available for pre-order ($ 899), with the first Lilys scheduled to ship in late 2016.

#3: CHiP, the robot dog, runs on artificial intelligence algorithms that enable its adaptive personality, which means that its personality is formed by how you interact with it. Obedient and always eager to play—unless it senses when its battery needs recharging, CHiP might wind up being man’s new best friend. CHiP ($ 199) is scheduled to start shipping at the end of August.


#4: The next step in interactive games is almost here, with the PlayStation VR. Don the VR headset to immerse yourself in a 3-D virtual world, overcoming the challenges as if you were really there. The PlayStation VR bundle will be available starting October 2016.  ($ 500)

#5: The world’s first (affordable) molecular sensor that fits in your pocket, SCiO allows you to get instant relevant information about the chemical make-up of materials around you and send it directly to your smartphone. Use it to scan and learn about the nutritional facts of different foods, the well-being of plants, and the ingredients of medicines, to name but a few. After nearly a year of delays, SCiO ($ 250) is available now.

June Oven#6: Countertop ovens are practically a dime a dozen, but how many have a built-in camera to identify your food, or weight and temperature sensors to constantly monitors your food to ensure best cooking results, or Wi-Fi connectivity to install software updates? Only the June Intelligent Oven ($ 1,495), which can be yours by late 2016.

Here One#7: Named one of Time magazine’s Best Inventions of 2015, Here One is a wireless listening system. With two wireless earbuds and the Here One connected app, you can stream music, take calls, reduce noise, amplify speech, and access Siri and Google Now. The set is available for preorder ($ 300), to be delivered for the holiday season of 2016.

#8: Equal parts shower and steam room, the Nebia shower system leverages the latest advances in design and thermofluids to create a uniquely luxurious shower experience. Plus, it purports to save thousands of gallons of water per year, making it as much a financial investment as a high-tech lifestyle accessory. Nebia ($ 375) will ship starting in fall 2016.

#9: Billing itself as “the ultimate sleep sanctuary,” the Kokoon sleep sensing headphones and attendant Kokoon app harness a host of groundbreaking technologies to ensure the best night’s rest you’ve ever had, night after night. These super comfortable headphones block out unwanted noise while tracking your sleep patterns and providing sleep-inducing audio. Now available for pre-order ($ 230), the Kokoon headphones will be shipping in late 2016.


#10: Eight is a sensory mattress cover designed (and connected app) to improve users’ sleep experience, sensing and analyzing more than a dozen different factors to determine the conditions that help you get your best night’s rest. Eight is now available (from $ 250 to $ 290, depending on the size of your mattress), with the first batch shipping out this summer.

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Ways to Cure Jet Lag with Your Phone

August 20, 2016
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Cure Jet lag

For many travelers, jet lag is just one of those things that must be suffered. After arriving in a different time zone, your body is forced to adjust its circadian rhythm, resulting in up to a week of grogginess during the day and restlessness at night.

The standard treatment in recent years has been exposure to bright light for several hours a day in preparation for a trip. Recent studies have found that exposure to flashing light, either early in the morning or late at night (depending which way around the globe you’re going), can actually speed up the body’s adjustment to new time zones. Better still, you don’t even have to be awake for the treatment.

lumostech-sleepmask-v1.1San Francisco-based startup LumosTech will soon take advantage of this research with its Smart Sleep Mask, which uses built-in sensors and hardware—including multiple LED lights, Bluetooth, and a microprocessor—to deliver “personalized light therapy” to help people adjust to jet lag and other sleep disorders. The mask has a pre-release price of $ 175 and will be available early 2017.

In the meantime, there are two jet lag-battling apps available, and for much less:

jetlag-roosterJet Lag Rooster is an app that allows you to enter where and when you are going and designs a customized plan for countering jet lag—including a “sleep ideal,” or best time to turn in for the night. Jet Lag Rooster is based on extensive jet lag research, and offers a supporting site with information about sleep and sleep cycles. The app is free and available for both Android and iOS.

entrainEntrain takes a different tack in the fight against jet lag. This mathematician-built app simulates your body clock to compute optimal light exposure schedules. After entering your travel information, you can select what kind of light you will be exposed to—office light or natural light, bright light or low light. The Entrain app will then offer a schedule for optimal light exposure and recommended sleep hours. Critics have pointed out that sometimes the offered schedules are not entirely feasible (remain in the dark from 2pm to 10pm?) but for those who suffer extreme bouts of jet lag when they travel, this app, available for free for both Android and iOS, is a good option if you’d rather avoid spending the first couple days in a new place in a zombified state.

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Farewell, 2016 Interns!

August 19, 2016
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Asurion 2016 Interns

A few weeks ago, we wrote about our Technology Internship Program. And as those internships wrap up, we were able to chat with a few of our 2016 interns to hear about their summers first-hand; what they learned and experienced, both anticipated and surprising.

Asurion Careers: What has your role been this summer?

Madison (Nashville, TN): I worked as a Technology Analyst and Project Management Intern

Sharon (Nashville, TN): Information Security Intern

Tejas (San Mateo, CA): I am working as a Big Data Engineer Intern

Tommy (Sterling, VA): I worked as a Developer on the Retail team

Madison Stumhofer

AC: What’s your “getting an Asurion internship” story? What interested you in the opportunity?

Tejas: I learned about the internship through a career fair held at my school, San Jose State University. The Big Data field interests me a lot, and the fact that Asurion is so heavily investing in Big Data offered me something that I always wanted to do.

Madison: I wanted to find a summer internship in Nashville. I read  that Asurion is rated as one of the best places to work in Nashville. After some research, I found the internship program and applied.

Sharon: I was at UT Knoxville’s job fair and recognized one of my classmates at the Asurion booth. We talked about his previous Information Security internship at Asurion, his positive experience, and the great Security team. Since I had become very interested in Security, I decided to leave a resume. I was invited for an interview and met with Asurion’s Campus Recruiter, Stephanie Matias. Not only did she make Asurion seem like a great company to work for, but her personality and likeability greatly added to my decision to attend the onsite interview.

Tommy: I was at one of Virginia Tech’s engineering career fairs, where I met Stephanie. I wasn’t familiar with Asurion, but after hearing more about the company, I gained an interest in what Asurion had to offer. Stephanie represented the company very well and I thought the opportunity to work with other Software Engineers would be a great experience and introduction to the professional IT field.

Tejas Saoji

AC: In a few words, describe your internship experience.

Sharon: enlightening, surprising, informative, enriching

Tejas: exciting, challenging, learning experience

Tommy: inviting, patient, flexible

Madison: reassuring, welcoming, rewarding, fun

Sharon Soleman

AC: Tell us about the projects you participated in. What did you find most interesting? Any surprises?

Tommy: I learned about the platform used to develop software for Asurion’s Call Center Representatives. After learning how the current software functions, I built my own application with the help of my supervisor and other team members. As part of the business case project, we had at least two meetings each week and after eight weeks, traveled to Nashville to present our final product to Barry Vandevier in Nashville. What I found most interesting was how well everyone’s strengths were capitalized and how comfortable everyone was working with each other. No one was afraid to speak up if they wanted to participate in a particular part of the project and both supervisors and team members were open, accessible, and fair, always reminding me to reach out to them if I had any questions.

Madison: I was able to not only shadow different analysts but take the reins on many projects. The most interesting thing I learned was the number of people you interact with just to get a project done. I was surprised to discover that the best analysts aren’t the best because they are just really good at diagraming data flows. They are the best because they understand every role on the team, what the business wants, and they do their job in a way that makes it easier for other team members to do theirs.

Sharon: Throughout my internship, I took part in security monitoring, data forensics, and automation of our team’s processes. I received training on security and the tools we use, which I applied to my work. I was also involved in the intern business case project. The amount of communication between teams and the ability to work together effectively was something that intrigued me greatly.

Tejas: I am currently working on App Categories and the use of cutting-edge technologies, working in an Agile environment, and getting to learn new things excites me a lot. As part of the business case project, we focused on market opportunities, financials, technological innovations, and competitive markets, learning how things actually work in a company and how all the pieces are put together to make a product successful.

Tommy Hyres

AC: What are your post-internship plans?  

Madison: I will return to Baylor University to finish my senior year, then I hope to have a job in IT that truly excites and challenges me. I would love to move back to Nashville and live downtown, but would even love to work internationally for a year or two!

Sharon: I will be doing one more semester at UT Knoxville to complete my Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, then hope to return to Asurion for a full-time position on the Security team.

Tejas: I am a Masters student at San Jose State University and have two semesters left before I graduate in May 2017.

Tommy: I plan to go back to Virginia Tech and finish out my senior year, earning my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. Then, I hope to be back at Asurion full-time with the same team I interned with!

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